In 1997 owner of the general trading company Ganges (specialising mainly in importing garment from Bangladesh) decided to open his first restaurant in Sosnowiec, basing his decision on many years' experience in gastronomy he acquired in London.  As a result "PIPI GRILL: STEAK & SALAD BAR" was created. Soon this idea turned out to be a success, as "PIPI GRILL" quickly gained recognition among local people and authorities. What was unique about this restaurant was its atmosphere, innovative design, friendly service and most of all - healthy and delicious food. Local authorities soon appreciated "PIPI GRILL" awarding restaurant with the title of "Leader of the Gastronomy". Food in "PIPI GRILL" was healthy and fresh, restaurant was offering enormous number of different salads and grilled, fat-free meat. During winter, restaurant was encouraging to enter because of its cozy and friendly atmosphere, while during summer time was attracting fans of patios. "PIPI GRILL: STEAK & SALAD BAR" was a place, which during weekends was transforming into a cultural fair, where guest could meet with art and music, as many local, national and international artists were invited there (including music band from Philippines). All those factors combined made this restaurant special place, having great reputation and constantly growing group of supporters.  

Next important step on the culinary path made by owners was their decision to open Indian restaurant with the mysterious name "Bombaj Tandoori". Again, their idea turned out to be a hit. Exceptional decor, the smell of incense, staff wearing traditional indian dresses - those are only few elements making this place special. The most important factor which decides about uniqueness of this place is delicious and healthy indian food prepared by cooks from India and Bangladesh.

Year 2012 is the year of Bombaj Tandoori's 15th birthday. The group of supporters constantly grows as well as the group of regular clients who keep coming back to our restaurant because of the best quality of our aromatic and exotic dishes and the unique atmosphere which allows our guest to feel the magic of Orient.