Indian food specials

Indian food served in Bombaj Tandoori restaurant is exquisite because of our excellent cooks, whose Indian and Bengali origin makes their dishes authentic, as they have the culinary tradition of this particular area of the world naturally instilled, which combined with their skills and experience makes food served in Bombaj Tandoori restaurant special. Spices also have huge contribution to the uniqueness of our meals - coriander, saffron, turmeric, cardamon and many, many other make our dishes exceptional.

Our restaurant was the first in Silesia region owning Tandoori oven - traditional oven where significant number of indian food is prepared. This is also where the name of the restaurant comes from - second part (Tandoori) sugesting the way our food is prepared, and first part (Bombaj) strongly indicating the region of the world which our restaurant should be associated with.

You are more than welcome to take a look at our menu. You have this opportunity here, on our website, or in our restaurant, where our proffesional staff will be happy to help you decide what to order. In Bombaj Tandoori you can find not only traditional indian food but also traditional indian drinks - for example wine or beer. For those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks we suggest to try indian tea or traditional indian mango milkshake.

It is very importnant for us to satisfy all our clients and because of that we created menu in which everyone can find dishes suitable for his or her taste preferences - in Bombaj Tandoori we serve mild dishes as well as spicy ones. Moreover, for those who doesn't eat meat, big number of our dishes are vegetarian. Finally, worth emphasizing is the fact, that we serve also halal meat.