Bombaj Tandoori Restaurant is honoured to invite you for the magic journey across the enchanted land of indian subcontinent. Your sense of taste and smell will stimulate your imagination through the amazing aroma of spices and will undoubtedly provide you with the most amazing culinary adventure in your entire life.

Restaurant consist of two rooms. First one is dining room, which is were indian food is served on a daily basis from midday to 11:00 p.m. This room seats around 80 people. Second one is banquet hall where usually special, organised events take place (weddings, banquets, business meetings etc.). During those events Polish, Indian or mixed food is served, depending on customer's request. This room accomodates from 130 to 150 people. Moreover, Bombaj Tandoori Restaurant runs patio seasonally.

Our restaurant caters to individual customers as well as to business ones. Our offer for business clients is perfectly adjusted to organise trainings, team-building meetings or conferences. Additional adventage is the arrangement of the hall, acoustic and equipment (projector, sound system). Our service also include catering for firms and companies.

Lately we observed that group of members on Bombaj Tandoori's fanpage on Facebook is significantly enriched by  many young people, giving a lot of their interest to Indian culture and Indian food. Parties in Bollywood style occured to be successfull and very popular among teenagers and young people seeking for alternative form of spending their free time.

A lot of our attention is given to cooperation with local institutions. For many years Bombaj Tandoori has been cooperating with Zagłębie Theater, organising numerous celebration and festivities there. Moreover, recently our restaurant started to cooperate with local museum, supporting the international event called "Museums night".